Following the closure of the 40 year old Lone Parent Family Support in NSW, Sole Parent Family Network began as Friends of Sole Parents in August 2012. In December 2020, following much deliberation, the name was changed, but our core values haven’t. We are an incorporated association in NSW and registered as a charity with the National Charities Regulator, the ACNC.

One in four families with children are sole parent families in Australia. There are over 180,000 such families in Sydney alone, and over 900,000 across Australia.

Sole parenthood may mean that your child has no contact with the other parent, limited contact or shared contact.

The Board

Made up of sole parents or those who have experienced life in a sole parent family, each Board Member brings a unique perspective on what it means to raise a family without the other parent being there full time. Our Board Members from diverse backgrounds are compassionate and committed to advocating for you as a sole parent.

Single or Sole?

Some consider that by definition, a sole parent has no involvement or contact with the children. This is the toughest gig of all.

Some prefer the term ‘sole parent’ even though the other parent is involved and others ‘single parent’. We lean toward ‘sole’ as encompassing all forms of parenting without the full time involvement of the other parent.

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